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How can Searchfirst help protect you, your family, your assets and your investments?

If you're buying real estate, a motor vehicle, contemplating going into business, researching an investment or considering any type of financial dealings with a person, company or business, being armed with relevant and current information can make all the difference. And after the fact when matters like family dispute resolution, wills and estates enquiries and debt recovery processes become necessary, having the right information can save a lot of time, cost and heartache.

Title Search
Property Information
Access Titles Office information Australia-wide. Get a copy of a tltle search, survey plan or aerial photo. Check valuation and sales data, get property price guides, property ownership searches and more.

Information from the Land Titles Office that includes registered owner, the real property description, encumbrances (mortgages, caveats, easements, covenants) and other administrative advices. If you're investigating a particular property for any reason, a Current Title Search should be first on your list.
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The official 'map' of the subject land that provides the drawings prepared by a Surveyor that established the block when the plan was registered. Provides specific boundary measurements, whereabouts of marker pins, layout of easements etc. If buying property or using a property as security, this search is a must to confirm that the subject property is one-and-the-same as detailed in any documentation.
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Document images are copies of official documents lodged with the Land Titles Registry. Order copies of transfers, easements, caveats and mortgages. You can get a copy of any document that has been lodged.
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Various searches are available that provide Valuer General's and Titles Office valuation data. Land Tax and Council Rates are calculated from the Valuer General's valuations.
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Sales searches are available from some Titles Offices that provide the sales history of a property including last sale price and date and historical sales data that includes all available recorded sale prices and dates and other property information.
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Home Price Guides are a useful tool for property investors and owners to investigate and evaluate market property values and ascertain the sales history of a property.
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Like a Google Maps satellite photo, but provides official property boundaries imposed over official land titles satellite images. Useful if planning new fencing or building additions, or if there is an adjacent vacant lot to get an idea of exactly what the property boundaries are.
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This search provides a report based on on an individual name or a company name to discover whether they currently hold any properties throughout Australia.
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Company and Business Information
Business Information
Considering dealings with a Company or Business? Access information from ASIC and Business Name registers Australia-wide. Company and Business name extracts, directorship and credit reports and more.

Information from ASIC that includes company name, ACN number, addresses, directors details, shareholding details, registered charges and documents lodged.
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Historical Information from ASIC that includes any previous company names, ACN numbers, addresses, directors details, shareholding details, registered charges and documents lodged.
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Information from the Office of Fair Trading in each state about current details of ownership data on a business name. Includes names, address, date registered etc. If a company owns a business name, you should also do a search on the company.
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Information from the ASIC that provides a report of entities a name is associated with.
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Returns a copy of a document previously lodged with ASIC. To ascertain the document number, do a Company Search first, then come back wth the document number you're after You'll receive a full copy of the document lodged with the ASIC. You can also visit www.asic.gov.au, enter the company name or ACN in the search box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and see a list of documents lodged by the company. This free search doesn't show as much as a Company Search, but it may help as a starting point for what you are looking for.
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An 'eCheck3 Report' provides Australian Tax Office Data (ABN Match), ASIC Company Document Listing, Litigation Check on the entity (ACN, ARBN or Sole Trader) Fresh ASIC Business Name / Company Extract and a Litigation Check on the Principals.
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A Commercial Bureau Enquiry can give you supply/don't supply advice on every company in Australia. It functions as a safety check about any adverse information that may signal trouble ahead, while verifying that a company exists. Commercial Bureau Enquiry provides legal verification of the company, daily updates of public filings such as collections, court actions and registered charges .
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People Information
People Information
Find out who owns property or where someone lives. Check public record information like orders, judgements or bankruptcy status. Check company directorship records and more.

Use this search to find the address of a known name, or the occupant of a known address. Data is compiled from numerous publicly searchable databases and subscription lists.
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Use this search to find the address history of a known name. Data is compiled from numerous publicly searchable databases and subscription lists.
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Use this search to find the previous occupants of an address. Data is compiled from numerous publicly searchable databases and subscription lists.
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Information from the ASIC that provides a report of entities a name is associated with.
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This search provides a report based on on an individual name or a company name to discover whether they currently hold any properties throughout Australia.
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Find out if a person has any judgements, claims or court actions recorded against them.
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Find out the bankruptcy status of an individual. A person can be never bankrupt, an undischarged bankrupt or a discharged bankrupt. This search provides administrative details direct from the Insolvency & Trustee Service Australia Database (ITSA) if a bankruptcy if recorded.
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We will attend an AEC Office and search the Commonwealth Electoral Roll and provide you with our written report of any addresses that match the name searched.
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PPSR Information
Personal Property Information
Buying a car, truck, caravan or a boat? Check any personal property (other than land) for encumbrances with a PPSR search before you hand over the cash. Protect your investment.

When you buy a second hand car from a private individual, you should always do a PPSR search to ascertain if there is any money owed on the vehicle. If you don't check, the vehicle could be repossessed from you after you have paid for it. If you are buying a new or second hand car from a licensed dealer, they should provide you with a PPSR search.
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Charges over a company's assets are recorded on the PPS Register. Search by ABN, ACN or company name to check if an asset is free of encumbrance.
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A charge over any asset other than land is recorded on the PPS Register. Bills of sale, hire purchase or personal or other loans can all be secured by any consumer asset. Check to make sure you get clear title before handing over the cash.
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A personal property (other than land) can be encumbered. You can search by the serial number of the property to make sure it has clear title.
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What makes Searchfirst the smart choice for online information?

Professional Searching
Professional Searching
Benefit from over 15 years of legal searching experience. We pre-examine and manually verify your search details for availability and accuracy before outlaying the fees. Save money and get the right data the first time time around.
Speedy Results
Speedy Results
Your search results are emailed back to you, generally within 4 business hours. That's current information professionally checked, professionally processed and delivered to your in-box as a PDF file.
Make decisions faster than ever.
Searchfirst Pro
Pro Edition
If you're an industry professional who searches everyday, access literally thousands of live searches via our Pro subscriber portal. Results delivered direct to your screen, with enhanced document and billing management. Learn more.
Security and Privacy
Security & Privacy
We only use secure, legal and publicly searchable databases with information sourced direct from Government agencies and licenced brokers. The subject of your search isn't notified or even aware that anyone's searching.
Massive Information Network
Massive Information Network
We source the most popular and useful types of information direct from Australia's most comprehensive online legal information databases. If there's any information you need that you can't find, just let us know.
If it's available, we'll get it.
Personal Support
Friendly, Personal Support
We're proud of Searchfirst and want to make sure our customers are happy. Visit our Help Desk for more information and sample searches or Contact Us directly for personalised support. We're here to help and happy to talk.

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