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Property - Historical Title Search

Property - Historical Title Search
  • Property - Historical Title Search
  • Property - Historical Title Search
  • Property - Historical Title Search

An official historical title search from the Titles Office in the property's State or Territory jurisdiction.

An historical title search provides details of the registered owner name(s) (except for NSW & ACT - no names are provided, just document numbers), real property description, list of encumbrances type and dealing numbers (mortgages, easements, caveats etc) and other administrative advices recorded on the title or removed from the title since that particular title was first computerised or created. Please note, a property can require many historical searches over many titles to arrive at a complete history. 

This search provides the first search back as a starting point.

One title is included per search fee. If address comprises multiple lots, we will supply a search on the first title, and provide the details you need to order searches for the other lots if required.

Please enter the property's full street address in the options field, and optionally the title reference (if known).

Multiple historical searches may be required to arrive at the historical time you are interested in, as a new title is created at each sub-division of the property. The fist historical title search will give the details of the prior title where appropriate, and so-on through each prior title. 

Not every historical title has been digitised by the titles office, and some titles may not be avilable through our service. We'll refund your payment if no historical search is available online from the Titles Office databases.

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