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When you need to be sure, Searchfirst.

Accurate, officially sourced land title property, personal, company & business information.

Welcome to Searchfirst.

Your professional search agent with more than 20 years experience providing information services to law firms, banks, government and the private sector.

Searchfirst makes harnessing the power of professional information available to everyone at affordable prices.

Australian national land titles property, company and business, personal public records and PPSR information is ready and waiting.

Affordable prices

Our all inclusive price covers the provider fee and our time. No travel, no parking, no taking tickets at public counters and no listening to their bad music while you wait.

Fast turnaround

Your search results are emailed back to you in PDF, generally the same day. You can get on with something else while we do all the background work.

First class service

Knowing what is required and making sure the search is 100% accurate can take a bit of work. That's where over 20 years of experience in legal searching helps.

Online land titles, company, business and personal information.

Accurate and timely information from Searchfirst helps protect you from unnecessary risk and helps you make informed decisions.

If you're buying real estate, a motor vehicle, contemplating going into business, researching an investment or considering any type of financial dealings with a person, company or business, being armed with relevant and current information can make all the difference. And after the fact when matters like dispute resolution, wills and estates enquiries or debt recovery processes become necessary, having the right information can save a lot of time, cost and heartache.

Searchfirst can assist you with:

Land Title Information

Access Titles Office land information Australia-wide. Get a copy of a title search to confirm ownership or check encumbrances, get a survey plan or copy of a document. Check property ownerships for asset discovery or verification. Property sales and other information is also available from some jurisdictions.

Company & Business Information

When you need to know whether your client or business partner has any history that may adversely impact on you, our selection of ASIC and company and business searches can help reduce your exposure and risks. Check registered details for valuable insights or for data verification or discovery.

Personal & PPSR Security Information

To ensure your charge over property ranks in preference over another or that property is free of encumbrances, a PPSR search will show you who has registered interests and their rank. Buying a car, boat or any tangible goods other than land, this search is a must for your peace of mind and financial protection.


What makes Searchfirst the smart choice for sourcing online land titles, company, business, personal and PPSR information?

Professional Searching

Benefit from over 20 years of legal searching experience. We pre-examine and manually verify your search details for availability and accuracy before outlaying the fees. Save money and get the right data the first time time around.

Speedy Results

Your search results are emailed back to you, generally within 4 business hours. That's current information professionally checked, professionally processed and delivered to your in-box as a PDF file. Make decisions faster than ever.

Online Convenience.

No running around, no parking and no sitting in waiting rooms. Enjoy contactless and Covid-safe ordering and delivery right from your own device in your own time.

Extensive Information Network.

We source the most popular and useful types of information direct from Australia's most comprehensive online legal information databases. If there's any information you need that you can't find, just let us know. If it's available, we'll get it.

Security and Privacy.

We only use secure, legal and publicly searchable databases with information sourced direct from Government agencies and licensed brokers. The subject of your search isn't notified or even aware that anyone's searching.

Expert, Personal Support.

We're proud of Searchfirst and want to make sure our customers are happy. Visit our Help Desk for more information, view sample searches on the order pages or Contact Us directly for personalised support. We're here to help and happy to talk.


Searchfirst makes finding information easy.

The right information and its verification is a powerful tool that can help you assess risk, make an informed decision and save or recover money.